1. Who can be members ?

    • All current students attending college / university in US or Canada and who are 18 years of age or older.

    • Graduates (Alumni) are allowed to join only if they still retained a working email ID of their college.

  2. I do not have my old college email ID anymore and have already graudated. Can I still join ?

    Unfortunately not.

    We only allow initial membership into the site under "alumni status" of a college as long as you still retained the email ID of that college. Some colleges allow alumni to keep their college email ID even after they have graudated.

    Please note that the email ID needs to be in working order for you to be able to complete the validation process by visiting an activation link sent to your inbox.

    Existing CampusFlirts.com student members are able to convert their membership to alumni status automatically when they graduate.

  3. Are there any fees ?

    There are NO subscription fees for currently enrolled college students to use the site to find each other, whether it is within the same college campus or across college campuses.

    Access to the alumni dating network, although currently being offered free of charge, will require a paid subscription based access in the future.

  4. Why will there be a fee to access the alumni dating network ?

    College students enjoy an exceptional privilege to meet hundreds of students on-campus without the help of any dating site really. So for students looking to date on-campus the site only provides an adjunct value, although for students looking to date across college campuses, it is really a steal.

    Past alumni and graduates on the other hand have a much higher value proposition in accessing the entire alumni network who are looking to date. For example, a student who moves to a new city with a job can access the alumni dating network to find other graduates who have moved into the same city or other eligible college alumni in nearby locations.

    The alumni dating network, generally speaking, will have a group of educated professionals who are getting settled in their lives and are about to take dating more seriously in order to find their life partners.

    Note: Access to the alumni database will remain free for now until further notice.

  5. I do not want my college email ID to be used for any communication from this site. Can I use a separate personal email ID ?

    Yes. Your college email ID is only needed at the time of the initial sign-up when an activation link is sent to verify your affiliation. Once that verification step is complete, you can update your account with a personal email ID. This personal email ID then becomes your new login ID to the site and also serves as the email ID to receive any notifications from the site. Visit the "Set Alternate Email" link from your Account page to do this.

  6. Is there a way to block certain user groups from seeing my profile in their search results ?

    Yes. You are able to set privacy filters to control display of your profile in search results.

    There are filters to block students from other colleges, or students from your own college, or students in your college with the same Major as you, etc.

    You can also "deactivate" your profile which results in blocking everyone, but keep in mind that this also prevents you from searching and viewing others' profiles.

    In order to set your privacy filters visit the "Privacy Settings" link from your account page.

  7. I have a membership on the site as a college student, but I have graduated now. What should I do ?

    Your membership should have automatically transitioned to alumni status based on your graduation month/year. In the event you graduated earlier than your posted graduation month/year, you can update your status to alumni by visiting the "Alumni Status" link from your account page.

  8. Is there a way to update my profile if I transfer to another college.

    Once you have enrolled at the new institution and have a valid email ID of that college you can update your information by visiting the "Change College" link from your account page. Please make sure your new college email ID is functional before you change any details as none of the changes will take effect if you cannot visit a verification link that will be sent to your new college email inbox.

    Note that only your most current and verified college status will be shown on your profile page. If you transferred to another college, no information of your past college attendance will be retained on the system. We do however store history of your alumni status against all past colleges, so our search filters can qualify you when someone is lookng for alumni of a given college by graduation year.

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